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  Thirteen years ago, times were much more simple. Donald Trump had just landed his first reality tv gig with The Apprentice (his second being his presidential campaign, ’cause did you see the most recent¬†Presidential debate?) America was still united in the aftermath of 9/11. I had just started the eleventh grade. I lived with …

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Student Loans: March Debt Update

Progress is progress I guess!¬† Kind of. Except that I looked at Danny’s dental school loans and his masters degree loans this week. Its like looking after you squish a bug or blow your nose- you’ve gotta see it but you really really really don’t want to. But you do. But really you don’t. He’s …

debt, debt snowball, law school, student loans

Staying Dedicated to Debt Repayment

This week we made our very first student loan payment! It was an exciting milestone. It means a few things: 1) I (Amber) am not in school anymore, 2) I (Amber)¬†have a job (and thus can make a payment), and 3) We have officially begun our journey getting these suckers paid off. I knew that …