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Ah, it is starting to smell like the sweet smells of summer around here. Freshly cut grass, chlorine, warm rain, you know, all those good smells. Summer always has me thinking about vacation. Vacations are trickier these days now that we are whittling away at paying off our $600k of student loan debt.  Despite that …

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The Cost of Long Distance Moving

Woo wee. Pardon our absence while we have been moving across the country and trying to get settled into our new (to us) place. The past week has been a whirlwind. We were really sad to leave our friends and family in Utah. It was harder than I imagined. Moreover, it is considerably more hot …

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The Cost of Camping

  We love traveling. We love hiking. We love camping. We basically love everything outdoors. Who doesn’t? Anyway, camping is our go-to cheap activity these days. We justify it, claiming to ourselves that its cheap, its fun, it gets us out of the house and unplugged. With that, we thought it was high time given our own personal …