Does anyone else feel like the holidays just whizzed by this year? I have not even begun to process that Halloween is over, let alone Christmas. Since it is almost New Year’s, we’ve been thinking a lot about our goals for 2017. Each year, we like to come up with a theme that we focus on for the year. For example, last year, our theme was “quality and outdoors.” We tried to focus on improving quality– the kind of quality employees/employers we are, the quality of spouses we are to each other, the quality of friends, siblings, parents, children we are, that kind of thing. For the outdoor side we focused on spending as much time as possible camping and hiking and boating and biking and focusing on nature.

This year, our theme is “healthy and wealthy.” We plan to focus on being healthier (we eat a truly astonishing amount of candy and severely lack vegetables). We plan to create a wealthier life. For us, that will include not only increasing income (and naturally eliminating debt), but finding ways to achieve non-financial wealth, such as increasing our wealth of knowledge. To kick off our 2017 theme, we are hosting a FREE 30 day finance and fitness challenge (aka “FinFit30”). (You can secure your spot in the challenge by clicking here). We will have easy daily and weekly tasks, and by the end of the challenge you will have saved a little cash, increased your physical fitness, and have the tools to help you keep up on your goals throughout 2017.

The challenge starts on Sunday. Hurry and sign up here!

Health and Wealth Challenge

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