things you can do to increase your income

This is a comprehensive list of all the things that we are doing to earn extra money to pay off our $600k of student loan debt. We update this list frequently so be sure to check back for future opportunities!

We blog about our experience paying off debt.

In 2016, we started documenting our journey online. At the time we did not personally know anyone with as much student loan debt as we have and we wanted a place to provide people with catastrophic amounts of student loan (or other) debt together. We started blogging using Bluehost as our web host and have had a wonderful experience using them. We started out using their most basic/cheapest package and it was enough for us. If you have been sitting on the fence about whether or not to start a blog, check out our post HERE.

We earn cash back for our regular grocery shopping.

We started using Ibotta this year to earn cash back on all of our regular grocery shopping. We’ve earned hundreds of dollars and haven’t had to waste any time clipping coupons. We simply choose the rebates we want and then scan our receipts after we go our grocery shopping. Learn about it here or sign up here to get started (and get $10 free just for signing up!)

We take online surveys.

In the evenings, after our brains are fried from long days at work, we sit down, pop on a show, and start taking online surveys (or work on our blog or do other things to earn extra money). Its a good way to unwind and we earn cash or gift cards to places we routinely shop, like Amazon.

We sell junk that is already sitting around our house.

We live in a tight space, so we routinely sell things in our home that are taking up too much space. We prefer to sell things locally instead of online to avoid shipping costs.

We earn cash back anytime we make a purchase online.

I don’t know why it took me 20 years (they’ve been around about that long!) to find E-bates, but it is literally one of the best things that has happened to me. We do a lot of our shopping with Amazon, and you get free cash back to thousands of websites, like Amazon. So, one fun thing we do is earn gift cards using Swagbucks, and then shop through E-bates, to earn gift cards for spending our gift cards. Chee hoo!

We are currently writing a self published book.

More details coming November 2017!