Is it just me or does it feel like there is a holiday every other week these days? I think social media plays a big factor in both creating/exacerbating the need to over-celebrate things. Which can be fun. But also can quickly blow your budget. One holiday we love to over-celebrate though, is Father’s Day! We love our dads. But…we don’t love blowing our budget. Here are 10 easy ways you can spoil Dad while saving cash this Father’s Day:

cheap father's day gift ideas Make your dad a personalized kit. Find something your dad loves and make a theme out of your gift. For example, my father in law loves golf. So we’d make a golf kit with a few golf balls (like these ones from Amazon), a golf glove (like this one) and some custom golf tees and voila! Father’s day! Or maybe your dad is super into movies– apply the same concept. Get him a few redbox gift codes, some movie snacks, and a Snuggie (the blanket that has sleeves!)

Give your dad an experience. Remember that things break, get lost, or otherwise eventually come to an end, but memories from an experience last a life time. Use Groupon to find AMAZING deals on local experiences. Even better– buy your Groupon inside the Ibotta app and score even bigger savings!

Write your dad a love note. Sit down and think of 10 things that you love about your Dad and list them out for him. Even dads like to know that they are appreciated for all the good things they do.

Print out old and new photos of yourself with your dad. There’s nothing better than a trip down memory lane on Father’s Day! We’ve found tons of great discount prints. Watch for deals from Walgreens’ photo department which occasionally gives out free 8×10 prints (several times a year), and there are plenty of companies like Shutterfly and Yorkphoto who offer hundreds of free prints, and all you pay is shipping. You can literally get hundreds of photos for less than $10!

Use EBATES to earn cash back. Ebates offers cash back and usually runs really good deals (like 20% cash back to stores like Nordstrom & Macy’s.

Give your dad a giftcard. Its really easy to earn free gift cards from taking online surveys through companies like Swagbucks. Spend just a few minutes online and earn your dad a gift card that he’ll love for Father’s Day.

Buy your dad a gadget. If there is one thing almost all dads like, its little gadgets, like this Swiss Army Knife from Amazon.

Create a Chatbook for your dad. Score a free Chatbook (or $8 if you’ve already tried Chatbooks) where you can compile a cute printed book of memories you have with your Dad. Its fast and SO EASY.

Bake him his favorite treat.  It’s really simple, and really affordable, but something that he will probably like just as much as anything else.

Buy him the world’s best barbecue sauce. Its Head Country-Seriously it is the best. I would practically drink the stuff if it was socially acceptable. I can’t think of anything that would make any dad happier.

Have a traveler dad? Buy him a wall map (like this one) and mark all the places he’s been! You could also demarcate places you’d like to go together.


In the end, Father’s Day is less about spending money and is more about making the Dad(s) in your life feel loved. What are some of your favorite budget friendly gifts you have given or received for Father’s Day? We’d love to hear from you! 


  1. my daughter give me the notes and it is always the expensive for me among all gifts

  2. A hug and a thank you works great but things are better with BBQ sauce. Hmm maybe best year. Very cute family photo by the way!

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